Thank you from Comforting Blankets

Without volunteers like you, we would not be able to give comfort to cancer patients and children in the hospital. By making blankets of all different types, from people just learning to make blankets to the ones that can make the most beautiful blankets you has ever seen. They are all loved and are all very special. Each blanket comes from the heart and I’ve found, that each one of them even come with a story of how cancer has touched them. We have a widow of a patient that I gave a blanket to over 5 years ago that donates quilts to us, because she knows how much his quilt had meant to him.

Also Thank you; to all the volunteers that help with our fundraisers that help with purchasing fleece blankets and also help with our very small operating costs.

Without all of you, giving comfort to cancer patients and children in the hospital would not be possible. Thank you all so much.

Also thank you to Philip Newcomer for not only donating his time to build this website, but also donating the hosting of the website for the year.

Another Thank you card

Dear Bobbie,

Thank you so very much for the blankets! The kids Love to receive new + fun things from people thinking of them, especially soft blankets.

Thanks again and know through your donation many lives have been touched.


EMMC Pediatrics!